Mario Drolet


Programming languages:

VB.NET, C#, XML, XSL, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, javascript, jQuery, JSON, vbscript, asp, RESTful APIs


WordPress, Blackbaud; Raiser’s Edge (RE), NetCommunity, eCRM, Internet Solutions (BBIS)


Bootstrap, Foundation, .NET, AngularJS

Windows Operating Systems:

XP-Win10, Server 2003-2016

Database Server:

MS SQL 2000-2016, MySQL

Web Servers:

IIS, Apache

Web Developer & IT Professional

A Bilingual (French & English) Technology Professional with extensive experience working for International NGOs, gaining valuable knowledge with a wide range of technologies. Proven success in his IT roles is owed to his technical skills, business acumen, organizational agility, and cross-departmental communication. Adept at gathering marketing requirements and turning them into IT development projects, researching and sourcing out third-party vendors to support the business goals, performing risk mitigation analysis and negotiating contracts and costs. Empowers his team and supports them in their personal development.


UNIPRINT.NET2017 - 2020

Web Software Developer(2017 - 2020)

Responsible for the development and maintenance of the organization’s web sites including content and product brochures translation and proofreading, interacting with internal stakeholder and external partners on site design and redesign projects.

  • Implement a web site update process by creating a new development environment used for testing updates resulting in less errors at launch time and minimal impact on revenue
  • Support a multi-server environment (Windows/IIS and Linux/Apache). Resolve issues effectively and in a timely fashion through clear communication
  • Maintain the organizations 5 WordPress sites as well as 1 .NET web site and 1 PHP website with content and code changes to support the sales and marketing efforts
  • Interact with external partners during website redesign projects as the technical expert to ensure a seamless migration to the organization’s hosting environment
  • Translate website content, product brochures and case studies from English to French to benefit the organizational reach to French speaking customers
  • Prepare and coordinate test cases with the Quality Assurance team leading to successful site and application updates
  • Assist in upgrading and maintaining the internal support tickets and software licenses application utilized by the Customer Experience team
  • Support the Marketing team with web site optimization efforts using Google Analytics tools
  • Take part in the planning and migration of Web and SQL servers between data centers


Director, DevOps & Infrastructure Support(2017)

Responsible for the directorship of the organization's application development efforts, all web properties management, and infrastructure support, leading a team of 5 employees, supporting 300 employees.

  • Managed and assisted the various project managers with multiple projects, including; O365 migration readiness, data center migrations, hardware and software maintenance, and multiple hardware upgrades. This required research, analysis and the successful negotiation of hardware purchases and maintenance contracts to keep expenses within budget while ensuring that future IT needs were met
  • Led the development of more than 20 application projects, from gathering business requirements, to development, to testing, to launch and on-going maintenance improving efficiency across business units
  • Ensured business continuity, 100% uptime, full data backup and recovery, and system redundancy
  • Managed relationships with; external vendors, internal stakeholders and business units leaders that led to improved communication and business effectiveness
  • Managed Plan International Canada's web properties, including; content management, e-commerce systems, payment gateways and other web based services to ensure proper operation and uptime

SENIOR Manager, Application Development & Support(2016)

Responsible for the management of the organization's application development efforts, ensuring completion of projects from sourcing solutions to post implementation evaluations, leading a team of 3 employees.

  • Managed the Application Development team and coordinated the development, testing and deployment phases, through the various environments, ensuring that projects were successfully launched on time and on budget
  • Reviewed all codes through each phase of the application life cycle; development, staging and production and provided technical expertise

Manager, Application Development(2014 - 2016)

Responsible for the management of the organization's application development efforts, as a subject matter expert, as well as provide technical expertise to the Change Advisory Board on changes to applications and infrastructure.

  • Acted as the technical subject matter expert for all phases of the development lifecycle within the immediate team and organizational business units to ensure that projects were delivered on schedule
  • Led the development and updates to online properties with internal and external stakeholders, following industry best practice
  • Ensured knowledge transfers between new and existing members of the team and cross-departmental business owners so that business units maintained cohesiveness
  • Effective issue resolution through clear communication, resulting in minimal downtime and impact on revenue
  • Provided technical expertise to the Change Advisory Board on changes to applications and infrastructure, overseeing the readiness of the change and minimized risks to the organization
  • Coordinated with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that web analytics were maintained and available to support business initiatives

Intermediate Developer, New Media(2008 - 2014)

Responsible for the development and implementation of applications, including updates and new features, working in collaboration with business and project owners.

  • Collaborated with business and project owners to collect requirements and develop applications, meeting the business needs to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Improved the development and testing phases by deploying a complete Blackbaud NetCommunity development environment
  • Supported marketing initiatives by developing custom ASP.NET applications for data collection through Plan's sites and collaboration with Plan IH on Child Data improving donor experience and retention
  • Centralized the web analytics data by deploying WebTrends SmartData Collector server and improved report generation
  • Integrated Google Analytics eCommerce and WebTrends SDC to Blackbaud NetCommunity CMS to provide web site analytics
  • Improved usability and accessibility to Plan's online properties utilizing javascript and jQuery libraries


Web Developer(2003 - 2008)

Coordinated development projects with internal business units and provided technical leadership through the infrastructure migration to SharePoint 2007 from a classic ASP platform.

  • Adhered to accessibility standards ensuring a positive and seamless experience throughout CFIB's online properties
  • Supported a multi-server environment (Windows/IIS), addressed and resolved technical problems in a timely manner
  • Implemented and reinforced a web site update process to minimize down time


Freelance Developer & IT Consultant(1999 - present)

  • Build solid client relationships through freelance web development and IT consultancy